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CEO Message 


Thank you for visiting the Poongsan FNS website

Since our founding in 1973, Poongsan FNS has grown alongside the history of South Korea’s defense industry, establishing itself as a global specialist in defense.

Over the past 50 years, we have contributed to strengthening national defense by supplying our military with various advanced fuzes, underpinned by our accumulated quality and technical expertise. Recently, we have been actively expanding our market share through aggressive global market entry.

Additionally, we lead the advancement of defense weapon systems by developing and supplying high-precision accelerometer sensors for inertial navigation devices used in guided weapons and submarines. We also support stable power supply by producing critical components for nuclear power plants using our precision machining technology.

Moving forward, Poongsan FNS will continue to establish a leading position not only in the defense sector but also across advanced technology industries through continuous investment in research and development and global market exploration.

We will do our utmost to meet your expectations with reliable products and quality. Thank you.

Ryu, Sangwoo 


Thank you for visiting the Pungsan FNS website.

Since its foundation in 1973, Pungsan FNS has grown along with the history of Korea's defense industry It is a global defense company specializing in defense. The best quality and technology accumulated over 40 years Based on the development and supply of high-tech sensors and new pipes, which are key products in the defense industry I have it.

The accelerometer sensor produced in world-class special facilities is unique to Pungsan FNS It is a product of unique technology. It is a product of various domestic and foreign demand for defense and civil affairs It meets and is also a key future item that guarantees our breakthrough growth.

The new products include a new warhead tube for MLRS, a new tube for 127-millimeter shell, and various explosives It produces various kinds of precision tubes used in the land, sea, and air. Nuclear power It produces precision processed products such as nuclear fuel bindings, which are key components of power plants, in Korea and Recognizing the excellence of the product in the global market, such as supplying it to the world's top companies I'm taking it. 

Pungsan FNS will continue to strive to become a leading player in the domestic as well as global markets with its unrelenting passion and spirit of challenge. First, it is creating a new market for sensors using defense technology, and at the same time, new cutting-edge ammunition We intend to take technology to the next level to expand our export market and actively participate in government projects through performance improvement. Third, we will do our best to become a company that can grow steadily by focusing on sales power to expand demand for precision processing products using our experience and know-how in processing core parts of nuclear power plants. 

All employees of Pungsan FNS will continue to develop interactions with the local community based on their potential over the past 40 years, and we will do our best to meet your expectations with reliable products and quality. We ask for your continued interest and loving support. Thank you.

Company Name: Pungsan FNS Co., Ltd.
Representative: Ryu Sangwoo

Business Registration Number: 107-81-35037

TEL: 041-740-5500 ㅣ FAX: 041-741-7780

Address: 893 Deukandae-ro, Eunjin-myeon,
Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do

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Company : Poongsan FNS Co., Ltd. ㅣ Representative: Ryu, Sangwoo ㅣ Business Registration Number: 107-81-35037

TEL: +82-41-740-5500 ㅣ FAX: +82-41-741-7780 ㅣ Address: 893 Deugan-daero, Eunjin-myeon, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea 

Copyright  © 2024. POONGSAN FNS. All rights reserved.