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We only produce the best products with top-notch production technology and equipment.

Grain shells
Aircraft flares

Fuze, the Beginning of Evolution and the Birth of Innovation

The renal duct is a device that operates the brain duct under certain conditions to cause the pyrotechnic and explosive to explode. Depending on the conditions under which the renal duct operates, there are the shock renal duct, the delay renal duct, the time renal duct, and the approach renal duct.

로켓탄용 신관 (Fuze For Rockets)

고속유탄용 신관

(Fuze For High-Velocity Grenades)

박격포탄용 신관 (Fuze For Mortar)

곡사포탄용 신관 (Fuze For  Howitzers)

함포탄용 신관

(Fuze For naval Gun Ammunitions)

폭뢰용 신관(fuze for depth charges)

 Write ‘Fuze’, Read ‘Belief’

The fuze is a device that maximizes the weapon's effectiveness by detonating the ammunition at the optimal time and location. Depending on the operating conditions, there are detonating fuzes, time fuzes, proximity fuzes, and others. 

Fuze For Rockets

Fuze For HV Grenades

Fuze For mortar

Fuze For Artillery

Fuze For Naval

Fuze For Depth Charge

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Company : Poongsan FNS Co., Ltd. ㅣ Representative: Ryu, Sangwoo ㅣ Business Registration Number: 107-81-35037

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